The MSM and Trump bashing. Sorry President Trump has you stumped.

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President Trump’s wrestling with the MSM is widely known, but will there ever come a time when the media realize they have been  totally outmaneuvered and outfoxed by the more intelligent party, and try a more honest reliable tactic in order to regain some significant loss in credibility? There has been and is  a continual flow of false misleading stories, starting from before President Trump was elected until today.

After the election and inauguration, reasonable members of society believed that all the lies produced by various news outlets would stop, and the process of healing a bittered divided country would commence. But alas not. The plethora of early deceit has just continued unabated throughout the first year of his Presidency, with stories being dragged on and on with no verifiable facts. So called news organizations like CNN, MSNBC, ABC, NBC, NYT, Washington Post and others have become so anti Trump that they refuse to report on actual facts – they’d rather produce totally untrue, fake stories and when they’re challenged, it’s a simple “oh we thought our unnamed sources had the correct information”.

The primary, most fake laden story which the MSM just cannot bear to drop has probably been Trump-Russian collusion. They could just not handle the fact that their favored candidate, criminal Hillary Clinton, had lost the election, and so started all the ridiculous mud-slinging from the first day of his inauguration. The allegations have ranged from hacking claims that favored Mr Trump and resulted in him winning the election by a whopping margin, to his alleged meetings with top Russian officials who have a vested interest in his appointment. All these claims seem to lack any credibility. In order to save face and not be shown to be total fools, Special counsel, Robert Mueller, has issued nothing burgers to Trump’s ex campaign manager, Paul Manafort for some earlier business dealings. Nothing at all has been found with collusion by Trump or his campaign team as was originally claimed.

Needless to say, the media has hurt its credibility, with the masses, by publishing this news in any form that it can think of and without researching the facts. The bottom line is that they will do anything to bash Trump and now they are paying the price for their lies. Standards have been thrown down the drain just to see an end to this presidency and what started as bias, has quickly turned into something cancerous. Like all major figures, Trump deserves coverage that is not just unbiased and skeptical but also fair.  That is certainly NOT what he is getting at the moment!

There are so many fake stories about the President but when fake turns to egregious, a line of morality has been crossed. A sampling of what could be considered egregious have come from most of the anti Trump news organizations but a few samples that stand out, quite recently, are the stories from CNN, NYT and ABC reporters.

CNN recently  had to retract a story that connected an associate of Trump with an investment fund backed by Russians but it was quickly proven to be untrue. The 3 journalists who investigated the alleged story resigned once CNN discovered that the news piece did not meet its editorial standards and was not ‘solid enough’ to be given credence. The news outlet obviously issued an apology for the gaff but that has not stopped them from making more allegations that are just as false and shady.

In addition, a CNN report also alleged that Trump Jr received an email that had a link to hacked emails from the Democratic party. These were supposedly on WikiLeaks and the son of the President allegedly got them before they were even published. The fact was that those emails were sent after they were made public and not as CNN reported. On inquiry, the news outlet revealed that the initial reporting of the data was found to be incorrect even though it was apparently ‘confirmed’ by 2 sources. It proceeded to update the date according to the correct timing of the emails. This was the umpteenth time it had to backtrack over news involving Trump’s supposed ties with the Russians. A further shocking part of this is that instead of removing the untruthful article, it is still on CNN’s website, with the excuse that investigators are still trying to determine whether the one who sent the emails was legitimate or not.

Think it’s only CNN – no chance.  The The New York Times has published many false, deceitful articles but one that stands out is one alleging some type of collusion between one of Trump’s top advisers, Hope Hicks and the Russians. They stepped down from this position when it was shown to be false. What is telling is that most part of the coverage only gave Hicks and Mueller’s meeting a couple of sentences. The rest of the news pieces summarized Trump and Russia’s relationship focusing on allegations that have been repeated too often to retain any credibility whatsoever.

ABC reporter, Brian Ross got in on the act of egregious by producing a knowingly false article and received just a minor rap on the knuckles. Instead of being fired and made to clean the floor of his local  penitentiary, he was suspended for a short time and welcomed back after he had taken his short rest.

Fortunately, President Trump is a genius and one step ahead of all the dishonest MSM. He masterfully overcomes all the “fakeness” by tweeting his opinion, thoughts and facts. You can get his side of the story, directly, as he knows the MSM will put some negative spin on everything he tries to do or say. Even if you have no interest in the actual news side of his feed, you can be sure it will put a smile on your face, if not an actual laugh.

In conclusion, news agencies can have a powerful effect on the human mind. As apparent gatekeepers and front runners in the information era, the media has a global responsibility to ensure each piece of news is thoroughly investigated before it is made public. Knowingly producing deceitful articles should have severe consequences. One has to say enough is enough. THIS INSANITY NEEDS TO END. By the MSM failing in their duty to give truthful coverage and continually producing partisan unsubstantiated deceitful stories, maybe the USA needs to take decisive action and  enact  laws that  that result in reporters and owners of MSM organizations receiving crippling fines or possibly custodial sentences. This would certainly cut down the game of intentionally lying to the gullible public, the majority of whom, seem to be too engrossed in their social media bragging and selfie posting to research the truth for themselves

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1 on January 8, 2018

Awesome content. The mainstream is only digging in further on the deception, especially with the latest push to call Trump insane. Come 2020 the left will lose again unless they can put forth some poster “pronouns” that they can rally behind. 

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0 on January 12, 2018

Absolutely – the left, being encouraged by the MSM have no clue how out of touch with reality they all are!

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