Strzok, The Swamp Virus, and a Faint Wray of Hope

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When it comes to law enforcement, there is a pervasive, leftist-concocted, Hollywood-driven myth, that bigger is better. Watch a movie with federal law enforcement agents, and they’re often portrayed as uber-patriotic, take-a-bullet-for-the-president super soldiers, that are handsome, tall, and upstanding in their morals. But there’s a reason you only see that sort of thing in Hollywood—because only in a make-believe world could we expect our corrupt, bloated, and inefficient federal law enforcement establishment to get anything right.

And—surprise, surprise—in real-life, we have actual FBI agents like Peter Strzok actively working against an incoming democratically-elected President of the United States, Donald J. Trump. But conspiring against a freedom-loving, patriotic president who champions conservative, common-sense, America-first values is one thing, but to actively support the criminal actions of his political opponent, using research that the same political opponent paid for borders on treason, and the fact no one outside of a few patriots in the MSM are talking about it is absolutely disgusting. Even the current FBI Director, Christopher Wray, a Republican, is under scrutiny for ignoring a tip that could have prevented the Stoneman Douglas High School shooting. 

Peter Strzok and the Swamp Virus

Our law enforcement establishment is supposed to value the nation, first and foremost. Law enforcement officers from the local level all the way up to the federal level swear an oath to the constitution, not much different than our service men and women that put their lives on the line for the Constitution. These are individuals that are loyal to the values that made this country great, not Neo-Marxist drivel. They are loyal to the law and the values, or at least, they are supposed to be.

When it comes to Special Agent Peter Strzok, he is the epitome of the Swamp Virus that is running rampant in both our political and law enforcement institutions. And what people fail to realize is that the swamp virus is bigger than Democrats or Republicans. As we see currently, a never-trump RINO Republican crony like Robert Mueller is leading the witch hunt against Donald J. Trump, and he had the likes of Peter Strzok as one of his chief counter-intelligence investigators on the special probe into “Russian collusion.”

In other words, while Strzok was texting his mistress (also a vile swamp creature actively looking to remove a democratically-elected POTUS) and enjoying a taxpayer salary, he was actively doing the dirty work for Crooked Hillary and the DNC establishment. Strzok not only interviewed Michael Flynn prior to his indictment and guilty plea, but he also worked on letting Crooked Hillary off of the hook by changing the language in former FBI Director Comey’s final memo on the Clinton case from “grossly negligent” to “extreme careless.” But you won’t hear about that from the MSM.

Repeated Treachery

But even more despicable news is getting out—Strzok may have played a role in petitioning for the reapplication of a FISA Warrant from the ominous FISA Court, the unelected, secret intelligence court that has actively spied on American citizens, blatantly violating the 4th Amendment. This is a court meant to spy on foreign agents, but because our federal law enforcement bureaucracy has traitors like Strzok running major investigations on the behalf of the DNC and others, it’s fair game to violate the Constitution.

This news comes after it was discovered that Chris Steele, the former British spook who did dirty work for Hillary Clinton’s campaign in cooking up the phony  “Russian dossier” directly briefed Strzok and other FBI agents who were running the investigation into Trump. And oh yeah, these traitors, actively doing the dirty work, paid Steele $50,000 for his “intelligence.” So in other words, taxpayer money went to finance an act of treason against President Trump by letting an unelected court spy on American citizens without clear proof that any of them were foreign agents—which is the only way you can use a FISA Warrant to spy on American citizens.

Thanks to the Grassley and Nunes memos, in addition to testimony from former Deputy Director McCabe, we know that there is no way that FISA Warrant would’ve been approved without the dossier. And if Strzok and his cohorts had anything to do with providing the funds for that phony intelligence, they need to be punished for it.

Wray of Hope?

But so far no special counsel into Uranium One, no punishment against these swamp creatures—just taxpayer pensions and slaps on the wrist.

And despite this insanity from the Left, the Deep State-compromised media, and the massive consortium of Swamp Creatures, we still have patriots that are holding out hope for our law enforcement establishment.

But holding out hope that the Swamp Virus is beatable as of now is naive at a best.

Why, you ask?

Because the Swamp Virus is virtually inescapable. We have Mueller (who was the bag man for HRC and her cronies during the MSM-muffled Uranium One scandal) running a wild goose chase on the behalf of the DNC and Never-Trump Republican establishment, all of whom are just as treacherous in their actions.

But with the firing of Comey, the resignation of Former Deputy Director Andy McCabe, and the appointment of Christopher Wray, a Republican, as the new director of the FBI, there is a renewed and frankly, naive sense of hope in our federal law enforcement bureaucracy as a whole.

But until Christopher Wray and the FBI decide to entirely clean house, nothing is going to change, and patriots need to hold them accountable until they do. 

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