Reintegration of ISIS fighters into Canada – Is Trudeau stark raving mad?

Updated on January 16, 2018 in Canada
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Canadian Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau’s take on refugees is well known, but his stance on ISIS, and particularly on former Canadians who joined the Islamic state, make his efforts look unbelievable. Nearly 180 Canadians are ‘proud’ members of this extremist group but half of them have now wimped out and have run back to their comfortable lives in Canada. These losers obviously did not have the metal to face what they were up against, and now with the help of Justin Trudeau, are being allowed to return back to Canada, not into a maximum security prison, but back into society.  This has to be the pinnacle of Trudeau’s insanity!  

Really? After pillaging, raping, wreaking havoc and killing innocent people they really have the gall to return? Well, that is apparently perfectly OK in the eyes of the PM who says that Canada should allow them to return in the hopes that they have seen the error of their ways!

While Trudeau pledges that these terrorists will be brought to justice, he also said that they would be allowed to reintegrate into society in the same breath! The same monsters who joined ISIS will be given a slap on the wrist and allowed to mingle and plot against, the same innocents that they were TRAINED to murder and to think of as their targets.

One would think that the normal, law abiding, tax paying citizens of Canada might be worried about this, no matter what their celebrity PM has to say about it. Why wouldn’t they be concerned about a group of people who the PM alleges, can be trained to see the error of their ways and be fit to rejoin society? These wolves in sheeps’ clothing will be allowed to return to a country that has no love for them and for which they have no love for either.

Serious national security implications don’t even begin to describe the havoc these trained killers will wreak if this is allowed to take place. The PM actually plans on protecting these savages who made their decisions in a rational manner when they broke Canada’s anti-terrorism laws. Apparently, these so-called “Canadians” will be monitored and the country will help them get rid of their terrorist ideologies.

Seriously? PM Trudeau, you really think it is going to be as simple as that? These aren’t naughty school kids we are talking about. These are trained-for-murder barbarian killers and terrorists who would kill you at the first sign of your white skin, rape your wife or daughters or cause some other type of untold misery by an immoral scheme, all because they have total disrespect for Western values. These Canadian cowards, realizing that their barbaric group has been annihilated by security forces hell bent on ending their pure evil ways of living, now claim they have no choice but to return, as their intended utopian state, ISIL, has been shrunk to a postage stamp size of desolate land.

But,  these weaklings are not the same individuals who left. They are now trained in everything harmful and probably know where and how they can acquire equipment, weapons and ideas  that can maim and kill large swathes of innocent victims. This could end up being the ultimate Trojan horse!

So Canadians are pretty much supposed to accept them blindly because Trudeau reassures everyone its OK? The Canada Centre for Community Engagement and Prevention of Violence is what brainless Trudeau believes will ensure that returning fighters have ALL the resources they need to ‘disengage from their violent ideologies.’ He hasn’t considered that the scum returning might be better off being incarcerated while possibly undergoing intense mental therapy to try and treat their obvious mental illness. Any individual, who, knowing what ISIS was when they left, and agreed with their ideology and methods, has to be considered as having some sort of mental derangement.

At least there appears to be some that believe this insanity should be challenged. The leader of the official opposition, Andrew Scheer did wonder why people who should be in jail or even death row should be allowed to return to Canada as free citizens and live a life outside prison. But he was simply brushed aside by a prime minister who, on a daily basis, becomes more and more iniquitous.

Canada has suffered enough of it own violent attacks by jihadis in the past few years, surely the PM is not so insensitive to think that these incidents have not left some type of bitter taste in the mouths of all reasonable Canadians.  One cannot always rely on people doing the right thing, let alone people who hate the society in which they live. But the stupidity and insanity of then rubbing all Canadians nose in it, by trying to give free passage plus taxpayers funds to sworn enemies of the state, has to be condemned in as harsh a manner as possible.


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0 on January 16, 2018

Trudeau has done so many other crazy things as well besides this, one wonders if these crazy things were part of his election platform that no-one bothered to listen to?

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