Political Qualifications – Lying and corruption! Ask new fraudster Justin Trudeau!

Updated on January 19, 2018 in Canada
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One would have thought that when a politician was voted in by the electorate, the politician would feel extreme pride and privilege that he/she had been entrusted by the voters to represent them in the corridors of power. Trust has to be the cornerstone of the relationship between the politician and his/her constituency, and when this is broken, the electorate should have the capability of immediately, not at the next election, remove the politician from office.

This type of arrangement might (no guarantees) result in the politicians actually fulfilling what they promised to their constituency when elected.

This would be in stark contrast to what is actually occurring in this joke of a political arena currently worldwide, where on a daily basis, politicians are shown to be doing whatever the hell they like.

It appears that if one dresses decently and maybe has a great hairdo, one can get elected by speaking in forked tongues and conning your support base. This unfortunately has been the theme for the past quarter decade in many Western democracies, including the USA, Canada, UK, France, Germany, Austria, Australia, New Zealand.

But two that seem to continually stand out, and that are extremely annoying due to the extent of this deceit and corruption are veteran amoral criminal Clinton and new up and coming, seeking to take Hillary’s title, unethical, fraudulent, depraved Trudeau of Canada.

Everyone is aware and knows all the Clinton scandals and corruption, however, Trudeau isn’t as widely known as he has only been in power for a few years. But he has picked up the game really quickly, and is looking to add to his trophy case quite rapidly. In his 2 short years he has racked up:

   A) Pay for Play – he attended a $1500 per ticket event where wealthy Chinese businessmen were allowed   to rub shoulders with him and his thieving Liberal party chums. This event gave rise to:

  1. Mr Zhang Bin, Chinese businessman and Chinese government adviser who donated $1M to Trudeau foundation and Montreal University Law Faculty.
  2. Mr Shenglin Xian, Chinese billionaire founder of Wealth One bank Canada, who mysteriously had his permits for the bank approved after the event. The smoking gun for this transaction hasn’t yet been found, but it will be uncovered at some stage no doubt.

For Trudeau to have attended this pay for play event was against all the assurances he gave when conning the public for his vote. Particularly, his “Open and Accountable Government” rules which state “there should be no preferential access, or appearance of preferential access” in exchange for political donations.

   B) Found guilty of unethical conduct:

  1. Vacationed at Aga Khan’s private Island as well as used his helicopter to get there. In fact, he has used Aga Khan’s helicopter on multiple occasions. This was deemed to have been the “acceptance of gifts/advantages” by the Federal Ethics commissioner, Mary Dawson. Trudeau claimed that Aga Khan was a family friend so he didn’t perceive it as an issue. Right yes, such a good friend that you hadn’t communicated for 30 years prior to getting elected Prime Minister. If this isn’t the height of abuse of power and scumbaggery, nothing is!
  2. An accusation by Democracy Watch – a group that advocates for government ethics – In June 2016, Trudeau appointed a “leader” from accounting firm KPMG as the liberal party treasurer. Later that same month, a committee of Trudeau’s cronies shut down an investigation into KPMG for using the Isle of Man as an offshore tax dodge.

  C) Corruption

  1. Trudeau’s close friend and Liberal Party chief fundraiser, Stephen Bronfman, was named as one of the Cayman offshore tax evasion and fraud entities when the Paradise papers were leaked in Nov 2017. It might be incumbent to believe that Trudeau hadn’t been directly named, therefore is he by association guilty? Given how unethical and immoral he has been shown to be in such a short time since coming to prominence, one has to directly paint Trudeau with the same brush. In fact, who is not to say that Trudeau was not directly benefiting from this corruption – he probably was.
  2. Trudeau protects all the cronies around him who have shown to be operating in an unethical or corrupt way. Poletical goes into detail about various scandals related to Trudeau which he has just shrugged off.


There are probably a lot more Trudeau scandals, pay for play, unethical deals, bribery and any other unsavory issues awaiting to be uncovered, but in such a short time, Trudeau is really showing us all, that substitute teachers should never be allowed anywhere near the corridors of power. He is an absolute disgrace to the Canadian cause and if left to continue on his path of parsimonious destruction, he will wreck trust in the political system in Canada for decades to come. END THIS INSANITY!

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