Proof That Trump’s Border Wall Will Work

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For those that want this country overrun by terrorists, rapists, or drug smugglers, then this article might not be for you. If you’re looking for solutions to this issue, then read on. Our country is in some serious trouble when it comes to board control, and unless we secure our borders and build a border wall, illegal immigration, and all of the problems that come with it, WILL continue.
In any case, there have been issues regarding illegal drugs and immigrants coming into the country. Why? Because our borders are not secure. Some argue that the wall will not make a difference. That could not be further from the truth. There are statistics that beg to differ. The fence that the Bush administration built in 2006 lessened the number of deportable immigrants that is illegal by 89%.

With that said, these are the reasons why there is proof that a barricade can make a difference and Trump’s wall will work.

The Bush Administration


This is not the first rodeo when it comes to building a wall. The Bush administration implemented this strategy during his regime and, guess what? It was extremely effective. The numbers don’t lie. As stated by the Homeland Security data, when the development of the wall launched in 2006, the number of reported border crossings was 122,261. By 2010 when the wall was finished, this number dropped to 12,251. 

Crime in El Paso Went Down


There is no secret that with the fence that crime went down. The fence kept out the crime wave from Juarez. This city was the hub of human trafficking. Who do you think their victims were? You guessed it – American women. Kidnapped and dragged across the border. Is this what we want?  Just ask the parents of the thousands of abducted daughters who missing pictures are plastered all over the missing children billboards and see how they feel about the border wall.

However, when Bush built the fence, much of this kind of crime in El Paso decreased. Now, El Paso is one of the safest cities in the country. A wall can help other bordering cities see similar results.

Nobody understands the wall like the Texans. Try visiting the Rio Grande Valley and observing the drug operations going on there. It so bad, that the border patrol can’t even keep up with the trafficking. This is a problem, and Trump’s wall would solve this issue.

With that said, many believe a border wall today can bring the same results as the El Paso fence did up the Bush Administration.

Slow the flow of drugs


The continuous flow of drugs from Mexico continues to destroy our communities and our youth. From cocaine to fentanyl – if they can bring it into our country now, THEY WILL CONTINUE TO. This was and still is an exponentially growing issue across most of the Mexican border. 

However, El Paso as of now has surpassed expectations. Drug importation along that border entry point has also gone down dramatically. As a matter of fact, since the fence was completed, the extent of drugs coming via El Paso and confiscated by Border Patrol agents have gone down overnight – suggesting drug traffickers are not even attempting to enter the country at this entry point.

The Bush administration understood the risk. A risk that particularly hits our youth. Several of our youth are taking cocaine and opium from Mexico. When these drugs are taken, all it takes is a bad decision. Then before you know it, then we have another teenage addict to deal with. Although there really is no Gulf Cartel anymore, localized gangs have formed from the remnants, and are continuing to fight over control of the drug smuggling routes into the US.

Let’s not forget the case of Jose Ines Garcia Zarate who, whether on purpose or on accident, shot and killed Kate Steinle in 2015 – while in the country illegally.

At the end of the day, the Bush establishment fence appears to be living proof that president Trump idea for a wall might work. Evidence shows that a border wall can cut down on crime and Trump’s wall is, in fact, the answer to the country’s ever-growing infestation of illegal immigrants. 

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