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Have you ever wondered when deranged and seemingly half-witted politicians will wake up to the fact that the only solution to many of this country’s problems is to send illegal and sometimes legal immigrants back to their countries of origin? Politicians who refuse to do this must not realize that those same immigrants are bringing their own values, or lack of them, into our country and integrating them into our own culture by bringing their own family members with them.

The time to stop this is right now and this cannot wait.

Germany’s Experience


Germany, under the leadership of Angela Merkel, is the perfect example of how liberal government practices, such as allowing unrestrained migration, put their own citizens in great danger. Migrant rape is out of control in Germany and only one out of every 10 such rapes is reported. Most of the time perpetrators are never even found, and lenient sentences are often given to the few that are. Only 8 percent of perpetrators who actually go to trial are even convicted.

Rape is just one of the crimes politicians in Germany are allowing to go without punishment. As a matter of fact, according to one high-ranking Frankfurt police official, they have been given strict instructions from the top down to refrain from reporting offenses that are committed by refugees.

My question is what makes migrants, no matter what you call them, any better than the actual citizens of any country? Why do they get a pass when non-citizens can get by with just about any crime? What is it that the nation is trying to do when its officials give migrants a pass on anything and expect its own citizens to pay the price?

Here is where liberals, socialists, communists, progressives or whatever you want to call them believe their stated belief and concepts of fairness. Of course, their fairness does not apply to everyone. It only applies to those they perceive as being oppressed or unfairly treated, or whoever they say it is. Because they determine the rules, anyone who opposes them must out of necessity be wrong, or worse yet, haters. They have been taught, and yes I believe they have been deliberately trained, to see things this way. Common sense is contrary to everything they hold dear.

Refugees are the major reason Germany’s government and the people, in general, are having such troubles. These problems have become so apparent that the mainstream media are not able to ignore it any longer. Affirming the reality of the migrant connection is a new report showing the sole responsibility for the rise in that country’s violent crime is inextricably linked to this element of the population.

Canada’s Trudeau


In 2017 alone, Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, spread the collective arms of its citizens wide open to welcome in another 300,000 new immigrants. The plan is to increase those numbers in the future. Some think this is a good idea saying that immigrants are likely to create jobs and become self-sufficient, but I’m not so sure about that because the same kind of criminal elements are sure to end up there just like they have in Germany. Most people would rather do without all the violence.

From my own personal experience increasing immigration is definitely not going to be a good experience overall for most U.S. citizens. One example of this is with immigrants who have been here for a few years. The individuals I am speaking of were hired by my employer to work alongside me and others. They quickly began ignoring rules that were instituted to ensure everyone was on the same page and that customers interests were protected. Their actions at first only seemed to affect fellow associates, but eventually began affecting customers as well. When I went to my supervisor about this situation, I was told that I just didn’t understand their background.

My reaction to that statement was “what does their background have to do with the rules we are all expected to live by”. I’m not saying that my boss was unable to change her way of thinking once she was confronted by the truth, but I am saying that it should never have come to that. Everyone should have been expected to work by the same rules right from the beginning. The good news is that these same individuals are no longer working with us because efforts were made to cull them out due to their own misdeeds.

Politicians Here


So, why are politicians in our own country, the United States, trying so hard to cover all this up by making excuses and denying the truth that migrants are connected with the rise in criminal activity here? There seems to be only one answer. There must be something in it for those same politicians. Could it be that they just want to create more voters with their same point of view to ensure they get elected again or that their agenda is well promoted and allowed to propagate? Talk about controlling people’s lives! How can any truly concerned politicians refuse to protect their own people in favor of those who are sure to increase the crime in their own districts?

It makes no sense, but I doubt that sense has anything to do with this situation. It is more likely that the majority of liberals and their cohorts operate entirely off emotions. This is certainly dangerous and is one of the defining differences between Conservatives and liberals. Conservatives use truth, facts, and common sense to make decisions, especially those decisions that affect others lives. Why can’t everyone else make decisions the way our own President Donald Trump does? He makes decisions according to what is in the best interests of the American people.

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