Make America’s Financial Bureaucracy Great Again

Updated on April 9, 2018 in US
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If there’s one thing leftists love, it’s big government. While the term “liberal” has been unfortunately hijacked by hordes of raving-mad lefties, the truth is, liberals champion former President Barack Obama as some champion of the little guy without realizing that his policies bloated and ballooned the federal bureaucracy to frightening new levels never before seen. And one of his perfect little creations—the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau —was really a market-strangling monstrosity masquerading as a watchdog for the individual—that oh so important thing liberals love to pretend to care about.

Crippling Regulations and Unaccountability

Here’s the truth: if so-called liberals really cared about individuals, then why would the biggest neo-liberal government-growing charlatan like Barack Obama create a totally unaccountable agency that went from being a banking watchdog to transforming into an octopus that got in the way of virtually every financial transaction imaginable?

Because if you weren’t aware, that’s precisely what Obama did when he made the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. But really, the creation of the CFPB is just a reflection of the larger problem of Obama’s administration. By creating all of these unaccountable government agencies and bureaus, he essentially sprouted a bunch of DMV-sized agencies to run the economy without any accountability. Now, imagine if we let something as slow, inefficient, and pathetic as the DMV run our entire country’s economy.

Actually, there’s no need to imagine it, because it was real life! Thanks, Obama!

As a result of the CFPB there was crippling regulatory standards on agencies that weren’t even supposed to be affected by it, and by proxy, consumer confidence (which was supposed to be increased) didn’t improve. And retailers or businesses looking to profit weren’t doing any better, either. So what was the point of this agency if there isn’t a net-positive? Why are we letting these leftist tax dollar parasites get jobs and comfy pensions without any accountability themselves?

This sort of insanity is precisely why as soon as Donald J. Trump took office, these Washington fat cats were biting their nails and dripping sweat. One of the hallmarks of Trump’s promise to his constituents and the American people as a whole was a commitment to cutting down the bloat of the bureaucracy, and especially focused on cutting and reducing regulations.

The truth is that Trump is a true American first president. He understands that the market should be left alone. Unlike Obama, he isn’t trying to cripple it with government-based sabotage. Instead, the emphasis is on ensuring that agencies like the CFPB are examined with a very close eye, and if necessary, wholly eliminated.

In fact, this is exactly what Trump has been planning. In late November of 2017, the former head of the CFPB Richard Cordray quit. He was an Obama appointee, liberal Democrat, essentially, another leftist who couldn’t succeed in the free market, so he just enjoyed his six figure government salary and bullied around honest businessmen. But thanks to Trump, Cordray’s control of the CFPB, and by proxy, another Obama holdover sabotaging the Make America Again Agenda was ousted.

New Sheriff in Town

Instead, we now have a true patriot and free market loyalist in Mike Mulvaney running the show. Mulvaney is the director of the Office of Management and Budget, the largest agency in the executive branch. Essentially, if Trump wants to get something done, Mulvaney crunches the numbers to ensure it’s feasible and viable.

And thanks to Mulvaney, he’s already helping turn the bloated CFPB. On his first day on the job, he froze all new hiring procedures and regulations so they could figure out what the heck was going on. But in essence, the CFPB has just been causing more issues because it’s forced banks to spend more money, hire more people, and tip-toe fine lines just to charge the little guy more money to make up for their profit—all because of the government bureaucracy!

The CFPB was also siphoning millions upon millions from community organizers, refusing to hire anyone that didn’t buy into their crazed liberal agenda, and purposely built up regulations that were solely created with the intent of getting money from banks and businesses that didn’t comply. Essentially, they were rigging the rules so they would get rich by preying on the free market.

And most harrowing of all, they created a massive unaccountable database with almost a quarter billion Americans that tracked them based on race and ethnicity.

Aren’t massive, unchecked, and perpetual bureaucracies great folks?

Thankfully, with Cordray out and regulation destroyer extraordinaire Mike Mulvaney in charge, it’s proof-positive that the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and others like it may be finally on their last legs. There are still a lot of Obama holdovers in government agencies throughout Washington, but thanks to President Trump, things at least are moving in the right direction—whether leftists like it or not.

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