Lying Palestinians – Palestinians have ZERO claim to Israel or Jerusalem

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Why are Palestinians boohooing over the loss of a nation that has  never been theirs’ at any time in history? Why is the whole world crying for justice to be served to Israelis who ‘cruelly’ took over the land that was never the Palestinian’s in the first place? The entire premise of this is false and the leftist, social justice madmen, who have no interest in facts, continue to propagate this lie and try and force their narrative on the world. The Palestinians are not a nation, never have been and are merely another Muslim faction who want to wreak havoc on Western society. Palestinians always were the usurpers, not the Israelis.

The belief that Palestinians have any claim to Israel or to Jerusalem for that matter is laughable at best and false as fact. They have zero claim to the land and should be sent back to Jordan from where they came from and kept there through re-established borders.

As a Christian, I think it’s important to research history and look at the facts, as the Palestinians fight isn’t only with Jews, but with Christians too. Christians should not just sit back and think that the fight is for the Jews, as the Palestinians will slit any “infidels” throat, not only the Jews.

Let’s go back to the beginning to clear things up a bit when Palestine first came into being. I’m not going to bore you with a huge account. Long story short, when the Romans invaded Israel, they renamed it Palestine. Yes, the land of Palestine was Israel to begin with! They renamed it in order to strip the nation from the natural right of the ISRAELIS who used to live there. Read the entire factual history and you will understand the truth of the matter.

So basically, the Palestinians are just a bunch of terrorist thugs who are sitting on a land that does not belong to them. Majority of them are Muslims because during British occupied Palestine, they could not bear the presence of the Jews who they had to share 8000 square miles of land with. That land was supposed to be a lot bigger but the British decided to take 85% of it and relegate it to the Jordanians who shared a border with Palestine.

That still does not justify the rape and murder of thousands of innocent Jews at the hands of the Muslims over a period spanning decades! They were never comfortable sharing that space in the first place and they retaliated by turning on the Jews. The UN partitioned 15% of what was left of the state to create another smaller one for Jews to keep them ‘safe.’

So, they basically corralled them in a smaller and more cramped space rather than bring the Muslims to justice. Bravo! After that it was like shooting fish in a barrel and the Arabs still protested because they didn’t want Jews to have ANY land whatsoever. There was never an Arab Palestinian state to begin with or a nation known as Palestine.

Plus Jerusalem, the holy land was never an Arab capital and in fact, Muslims have no claim to Jerusalem whatsoever. The word Jerusalem does not appear, even once, in the Koran, so how the hell can it be claimed to be a Muslim holy site when it is never even mentioned. Muslims have simply latched onto the only thing that they know is sacred to the Jews and claim that the al-Aqsa mosque is their 3rd most holy site. What about the fact that it has extremely sensitive significance to other religions too. The current al-Aqsa mosque in Jerusalem was built upon a very significant Jewish holy site, as that’s how the Muslims did things when they wanted to annihilate other religions – they built their mosques on the land of other religions churches or synagogues after they flattened their “enemies” house of prayer.

Jerusalem  always belonged to the Jews.  The Romans were the main initial culprits in trying to eject the Jews from Jerusalem. For one thing, there is no evidence that proves that King David wasn’t the first to make it a capital, no evidence to the contrary indicating Romans ransacked the Temple Mount and slaughtered Jews and no evidence that Jews left willingly from Israel. They were kicked out pure and simple and then forced to live in cramped spaces amongst Arabs who hated their guts for no reason other than the fact that they were Jews.

Jews were in Jerusalem before Islam even existed so how can anyone say that Jews never had a claim to Palestine? They were ousted from their homeland by cruel invaders with nothing but a desire to get as much land as possible to increase their influence.

The Western world politicians and social justice agitators need to get their blindfolds off and do a little historical research before making up lies and trying to deceive the masses. The masses need to stop being sheep and believing all the lies that they are constantly being fed by the untruthful mainstream media. Liers will be condemned and will burn in hell eventually.

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All Palestinians constantly drink out of the kool aid fountain.

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