Has the Democratic Party gouged out the soul of USA morality?

Updated on March 18, 2018 in US
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One would have thought that when an extensive, lengthy, thorough investigation had been carried out, and your OWN peers have found that you have lied and behaved in a very unprincipled manner, you would simply crawl under the nearest stone and hide.

This does not appear to be how amoral FBI agents behave. Although they are supposed to be totally apolitical, that’s not what has been occurring for the past few years. They have been totally partisan and have acted in a manner that would land any other normal citizen in jail for similar transgressions. These aren’t just run of the mill, junior FBI agents, but the inner sanctum leadership that should be setting examples for their flock. These FBI agents believe that they are above the law and are able to do whatever the hell they feel like doing, whether it is legal or not.

First Comey then Strzok and now McCabe have been caught with their pants down, and McCabe now has the audacity to do the Hillary thing, and blame everyone else for being fired except himself. McCabe was/is a lying son of a bitch. The data is probably going to show all the lies and coverups he was involved in as Deputy director of the FBI. He is shouting his mouth off and blaming President Trump (when Trump had nothing to do with it – this was Sessions purview) because he was fired for being amoral.

Taxpayers couldn’t give a shit that McCabe only had 2 days left until he could officially retire with full pension benefits, in fact, besides having his pension disappear, he should be in custody until a full criminal trial has been held. FBI (and CIA) agents, should actually be held to a higher standard than anyone else, as they are supposed to be the legal moral authority of the country. When your legal branch starts becoming amoral, it is the first step in the spiral towards becoming a corrupt banana republic. The world is littered with many examples of this.

When allegations of illegality are levelled at normal, run of the mill, hard working individuals, these individuals unfortunately become toxic. Friends and acquaintances disappear quickly. There are many instances of this through history, and each reader can probably recount an instance them self. But not the corrupt leftist US political network. They actually double down.

After the McCabe firing, a host of scummy Democrats have offered McCabe a federal job so that he can still get his pension. This is quite literally beyond belief. How can any moral Democrat condone any FBI agents amorality?

By doing this, the Democrats have shown that they care nothing about honesty – all they care about is trying to put a knife into the Trump administration. The electorate that they purport to represent should feel very aggrieved!

But possibly, the electorate that they represent are themselves amoral and guilty of similar behaviour – this too is very probable given how many people actually purchased Hillary Clinton’s book. By purchasing the queen of corruption’s book, they very loudly illustrated that a good proportion of the US is corrupt and amoral right down to the core.

The soul of the US is slowly slipping into a quagmire of dishonesty – hopefully President Trump and his side of the political debate can continue to fight these demons and ultimately triumph. If not, the once greatest democracy on the planet, will slip into irrelevance very rapidly. Don’t let the light of democracy be extinguished by partisan politics. That’s not what the founding fathers ever envisioned for the country.


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