From Russian Delusion to Gun-Grabbing, The Left has lost the plot!

Updated on April 9, 2018 in US
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Turn on your television on to MSNBC, CNN, or any other liberalized fake news station. Don’t watch it for too long, though. The risk of a traumatic brain injury is far too high to chance watching such weaponized stupidity for too long.

You’ll see right before your eyes the propaganda machine of the left, MSM, in all of its glory. You’ll see the pawns of the leftist globalist hegemony frothing at the mouth about how Russia rigged the election for Trump, Donald Trump had consensual sex with a porn star, and a myriad of other incoherent ravings that no one other than a completely crazed leftist could entertain as being the truth.

But what you’re also going to see is the attempted gun grab, in other words, the left’s nuclear option to winning a political war. But as scary as it might seem to fathom our sacred Second Amendment being attacked, this isn’t the first or last time it’s happened. But it’s most certainly the most ambitious and desperate attack the left has made in recent times.

But despite this scare, it’s important to also recognize why it’s a good thing.

The Death of a Myth


Other than the crazy no-kids-having, never-been-married libtard cat lady down the street, no one seriously entertains the idea that Russia hacked our election. Despite months and months of impeachment hysteria on every MSM network, nothing has happened. The supposedly great Robert Mueller, the same guy that helped lie us into the Iraq War in 2003, has done nothing but waste taxpayer dollars and show that a bunch of basement dwelling Russians financed some silly Facebook campaigns.

While it is true that every intelligence and cyber warfare agency from every country on Earth engages in surreptitious self-serving activity, the fact is, the left was exposed for promoting an absurd narrative that continues to crumble day by day. Politically, the left’s voters don’t have anything to use as a wedge issue. And while it is great to see that the narrative lost its steam, it’s very clear that it’s been replaced by a new myth: that America’s supposed scourge of mass shootings, particularly in schools, can only be solved by curtailing American’s civil liberties. And to make the left look even more heinously stupid and out of touch than it already it is, they’re using young students as their pawns.

Useless Solutions and Useful Idiots


After February’s shooting at Marjory Stoneman-Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, the left’s crusade to grab guns has reached epic proportions. Using a contingent of unlikable and uninformed drama kids turned leftist astro-turf pawns, the left is going all out to mobilize its base for the upcoming 2020 elections.

Because the Russia myth and overall hysteria of Trump Derangement is failing to get the left united, they needed a wedge issue to get its voters to vote, and what better way than to make kids and nihilistic leftists feel as if the only way to save lives is to strip Americans of their rights to self-defense?

After a Town Hall on Fakes News Central (CNN) showed countless uninformed leftist plants getting eviscerated by great patriot Dana Loesch, it juxtaposed an informed and America First NRA with closet commies and gun grabbers, making all of them look raving and crazed.

While the shooting was undoubtedly tragic, the left’s instantaneous politicization for the upcoming elections is absolutely sickening. Kids like David Hogg just sound like puppets reciting rehearsed lines as they continually misattribute and obfuscate gun stats to justify their psychotic goal of disarming law-abiding Americans.

One stat that they’ll never bring up is that while mass shootings went up during President Obama’s administration, there was no call to arms at this magnitude by the left. With Trump at the helm and a dying Democratic party flailing and flapping about in a vain attempt to maintain credibility, this gun grab is essentially a Hail Mary.

The Left Will Learn What “Backfire” Means


With their George Soros-funded March For Our Lives rally and wall-to-wall coverage on Media Matters-connected platforms, the gun grabbing puppets have done more harm than good for their political cause.

While it may have mobilized some on the left, the gun grab has also motivated those on the right. The NRA has seen record levels of donations and registrations, and poll numbers indicate that Republicans are motivated to protect the Second Amendment by voting to keep candidates that support individual liberties.

Just like with their Russia narrative, this attempt to disarm law-abiding, freedom-loving Americans will fail, and without a doubt, the Make America Great Again agenda will march on while the March For Our Lives and kid-led gun grab will be remembered as an embarrassingly ineffective and transparent attempt to win some votes.

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