FBI Goes Rogue – Are they a threat to US Democracy?

Updated on January 16, 2018 in US
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The FBI is supposed to be a non partisan organization with some very admirable functions and duties. They have been one of the shining lights within the fabric of American society for decades but recently they appear to have been tainted by some very concerning partisan decisions.

If one examines the FBI about page, it utilizes words like fairness, integrity and actually claims as one of its core values “Rigorous obedience to the Constitution of the United States”. But their actions in many recent incidents appear to be diametrically opposed to their apparent values so it begs the question “Has the FBI gone rogue”?

If one looks at the totally non existent Trump-Russia collusion accusation and the actions of senior FBI agents it is clear that agents were clearly acting in favour of the Democrats over the Republicans in various ways. When Special Counsel Mueller was appointed to lead the investigation, quite a few Democratic donors were appointed to the team – totally unethical. One of the central FBI agents of the investigation, Peter Strzok, had to be removed from the team as texts, from him to other agents, were found where he is clearly exhibiting biases against President Trump by calling him an idiot and a douche. Other exchanges between Strzok and FBI agents continually maligned and insulted Trump with impunity. But if insults were the only infraction, one might believe that some form of slap on the wrist and rehabilitation might be the way forward, but it went far deeper than just insults.

Peter Strzok was the individual who led the investigation into scumbag Hillary Clinton’s use of her private email server, and as every rationally thinking human on this planet knows she was as guilty as hell in that regard. But as we all know, Strzok and his boss at the time, James Comey, exonerated her of any wrongdoing which was unconscionable.  In fact, one might propose that these FBI agents were guilty of a crime themselves. This is totally unacceptable for an agency that is supposed to be neutral politically. By making decisions that are based purely on political favouritism is what despotic regimes are guilty of. If a country starts going down the despotic path, the inherent understanding is that democracy is done.

So when agents of the organization that are supposed to be politically impartial and be protecting every citizen irrespective of their political affiliation, begin to undermine their own values and believe they are above the law, trust in them disappears. Democracy, in every form, is at risk. Instead of them being allowed to damage society even further, these tainted, dishonest FBI agents should be receiving backside tattoos by Bubba, the local slammer artist, rather than be allowed to roam free, undermine others and influence their underlings.

The FBI have gone rogue and are definitely a risk to US democracy. The US is certainly the world’s shining democratic light and losing this mantle, would have significant impact on every nation around the world. President Trump should, with the DOJ, clean up this mess before the end of his first term in office, else the consequences are too unpleasant to contemplate.

All agents who have shown to be involved politically in any way, whatsoever, should be immediately fired. The FBI needs to be reborn and return to its grassroots underlying principles in order to effectively fulfill the functions it was originally developed to do. This insanity needs to end.

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