Comey the dishonest Kook

Updated on May 7, 2018 in US
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In some ways, James Comey is a respectable type of fraud. Because he’s so disingenuous about what he truly believes and where he stands, you have to respect that unique ability to obfuscate and gaslight. But this is what makes James Comey, and the ilk he defends, all the more insidious. In the contemporary sense, the deification of Comey as some shining beacon of almighty light and justice in a dark world is not only inaccurate, but it’s a revisionism that only the corrupt and deceitful leftist-infected, globalist-controlled MSM can get away with.

Before we knew James Comey as the deposed FBI director under fire from the likes of President Trump and others, Comey was an errand boy for the Clinton Crime family. As a result of his favorable treatment of the Clintons and other establishment swamp creatures, Comey rose to the rank of Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation. During that time, Comey led what was an incredibly biased and establishment favorable agency into looking the other way, especially when it came to Hillary Clinton.

After sulking in abject irrelevancy for a good manner of months, Comey the scumbag has yet again reared his ugly head, and as a result, it appears that he’s in trouble along with much of his cohorts. According to Comey’s recent cash grab attempt, a poorly written book rife with milquetoast idealism and double-talk, he claims that he reopened the investigation into Hillary Clinton because he assumed she would essentially have been the de facto president as a result of the 2016 election.

This omission is important to note because it would then make it apparent that Comey wouldn’t fear any repercussions from possibly lying or being deceptive because he knew that Crooked Hillary and her DOJ (which he would have an important role in, no doubt) would have looked out for him.

But aside from that, it’s important to understand that at the time that one of President Trump’s most loyal patriots, Michael Flynn, former general and director of the Defense Intelligence Agency, was taken out, Comey was running the FBI.

And the FBI agent that interviewed and subsequently played a major role in Flynn being indicted for false statements was none other than Peter Strzok, the disgraced agent who was cheating on his wife while also doing the dirty work for the Clinton Crime Family. Strzok and others close to him, like recently fired Andy McCabe, were all doing whatever possible to disrupt President Trump’s agenda. But because Comey was at the top, it’s just absolutely impossible for him not to know.

Interestingly enough, they targeted Flynn specifically because they knew he was one of Trump’s closest and most trusted advisors. Other than his own family, Flynn was someone Trump could always rely upon. So when he expressed to Comey that he hoped he could see some way to give him a break, Comey’s own passive-aggressive cowardice went on full display. 

At the time, he started recording secret memos and leaking them to the press via a friend of his.  In a clever attempt to avoid getting indicted for leaking classified info, Comey then immediately said that the friend of his that he leaked the classified info to was his lawyer, but only time will tell if that’s enough for Comey to get away without being charged as a result of the impending investigation that has been referred to the DOJ by two Republican senators.

But one of the most farcical elements of Comey’s entire persona is his supposed “higher loyalty” to the virtues of justice and truth over anything else. Not only does that not mean anything, but it’s clearly not true. All evidence that is in the public domain points to Comey being a spineless coward who was on the wrong side of history. 

Being the ever-present swamp creature that he is, we cannot blame him for doing the dirty work for the Clinton Crime Family. But we must not give this swamp creature another rhetorical breath of air in the media circuit.

The more he’s allowed to spew and stump his terrible rag of a book, the more legitimacy it grants him and others like him. At the end of the day, Comey is a fraud whose time in front of a court will eventually come, but his book is not only chock full of lies, but it is absolute trash that should be used for toilet paper or perhaps composting.

There is no higher loyalty to Comey, unless you count the swamp, of course.

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