Celebrity Vanity Knows No Bounds – Get Your Clothes Back On.

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Do celebrities really believe that normal people actually give a flying fuck regarding the fact that they are pregnant and have to display themselves half naked, in print or on the internet, at the first opportunity?

Is it not starting to get a little stale and unoriginal? Absolutely.

Does anyone actually care? Not one bit!

And women, please don’t argue that “oh it’s wonderful – they are celebrating this or that or whatever, and they look beautiful”, because my response to that would be, “so are all the other hundreds of millions of normal non-celebrity pregnant women, who don’t have the access or probably the inclination, to want to parade themselves in front of the world, half naked!!”

So it’s hard to imagine what they hope to achieve by this so one has to assume it is just pure vanity that draws them to do this.

Vanity can be defined as “excessive pride in one’s appearance, qualities, abilities, achievements, etc.- dictionary.com. Well then ladies, if you are that arrogant to believe that you are so much more endearing than mere mortals, then the gloves are off. You need to be able to handle all the insults, observations, disagreements that any reader might have with what you are doing. You’ve placed yourself right in the cross hairs, so just grin and bear it.

We can all agree, that pregnancy is a wonderful gift for women and it should be celebrated and admired, but there really is no good reason for celebrities to do it publicly, half naked, posed and draped in certain positions. Your thunder thighs, excessive extensions , see through dresses, hands or hair covering your mammaries and fat asses do not conjure up a cuddly maternal type of vibe.

Surely your vanity and arrogance can’t really make you think or believe you look that great?

No-one has the right or inclination to criticize when you take those photos in private for your close circle of family and friends to ogle, but to place them in the public spotlight, is so narcissistic that it demands a retort.

There is no doubt in my mind that there are common, everyday women who could rock these similar kinds of poses infinitely better than you. But, these everyday women are not conceited, egotistical and wanting to make a spectacle of themselves. They place more emphasis on private, family oriented values and reject this type of pointless liberated feminism, where all you’re trying to do is shock. They know who and what they are and do not have to seek public adoration to confirm it.

So all you admiration seeking, narcissistic, egotistical , stuck up, self loving, annoying public seeking “superstars”, please keep your clothes on while pregnant – we are sick of this shit and have no desire to see you like this (or anytime really). Please do us all a favor and help End This Insanity!

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Ha how true, why does anyone want to see them nude.

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