Are we being conned?

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When the American people elected Donald J. Trump to serve us as Commander in Chief, there was no doubt that military might was a subject of major emphasis to the president. President Trump railed against the “dumbing down” of our armed forces—lowering standards, forcing women into the infantry, and a myriad of other whacky cultural experiments that had no place in the realm of regulating our fighting forces.

Just as he promised we would make America great again, there was an emphasis on making the military strong again. While to a lot of Americans this sounded like a great idea, and it certainly did on the campaign stump, the reality is that in many ways, that was a dog whistle to the military-industrial complex (MIC) and other rabid neoconservative Warhawks. These are individuals that not only want more profit but require the profit to be made from perpetual conflict. At the time, patriots like ourselves were blinded by the unbelievable underdog triumph of Trump over Crooked Hillary Clinton.

But that November 2016 victory over Clinton seems so distant as now bombs are being dropped in Syria by a President that once railed against the neoconservative interventionism that has plagued American foreign policy. After openly mocking his predecessor, Barack Hussein Obama, now President Trump is making the same stupid mistakes and concessions he supposedly stood completely against. It’s a sickening betrayal of his base, and it speaks to the fact that either Trump is completely compromised, or we the people were dumb enough to fall for another ruse.

But one aspect of these recent revelations that isn’t getting much coverage is the fact that the sprawling Omnibus Spending Bill, the disastrous pile of pork that allocated funds for everything but a border wall, gave massive amounts of money to the military, and by proxy, the MIC. While many of the most brainwashed Trump supporters may have perceived these measures as good for the country, the reality is that all of this money did nothing but bolster an apparatus that true patriots are ultimately against.

Looking back on the years of Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, and others, these were years where our military and political establishment was taken over by rabid plutocrats. These were individuals that took us into a war in Iraq where thousands of Americans and millions of lives in aggregate were ruined for no other reason than the geopolitical posturing and benefit of private interests. Now, in Syria, the same transparent facade is taking place.

And to our disappointment, the man we elected to stand up to these tyrants is betraying us one step at a time. Rather than vetoing the spending bill, Trump approved it under the guise of “national security.” And what do you know? Surprise, surprise, not long after, our new National Security Advisor is John Bolton, a massive Warhawk neoconservative who was one of the chief architects of the earlier wars in Iraq.

And after initially committing to removing the American presence in the Syrian region, just a few days later, Trump completely reversed on his decision based on a faulty chemical attack that was likely staged by the insurgents that the likes of Obama and Hillary were covertly funding. In reality, we are the ones that were funding and supplying ISIS. Just as the Syrian government forces, in concert with the Russians, were wiping out the last remaining pockets of radical terrorist resistance–all of a sudden, Trump does a 180 and proceeds to launch a missile strike, signaling that rather than hitting the guys we should be hitting, we’re supporting the political goals of the same neocons Trump was supposedly against.

But lost in all of this was the fact that those same missiles we sent flying into Syria are the same missiles multibillion-dollar defense contractors like Raytheon and Lockheed-martin got paid to make thanks to legislation like the Omnibus Spending Bill. With the federal judiciary stymying every attempt Trump makes to protect our borders and the President himself failing to get us our border wall, it’s not time to burn your MAGA hats just yet.

But what it says is that we mustn’t cling to political deification. Libertarians, freedom-loving patriots, and those that want to make America great, not other countries, must stay disciplined and hold President Trump’s feet to the fire. With midterms coming up sooner rather than later, it’s critical that we stay vigilant and realize that in order truly make our country great again, we must remain loyal to the ideas espoused by President Trump.

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