Our Mission

There are various nuanced definitions of “Insanity” but we’ll use a simple Wikipedia definition:

Insanity, craziness, or madness is a spectrum of behaviors characterized by certain abnormal mental or behavioral patterns.

A lot of what is happening in the world today can simply be described as insane. Some of it is deliberately done by the MSM to mislead you by false reporting while other types of insanity could only have arisen from aberrant thought processes. The reasons why the human thought processes might have deteriorated so significantly is not why we started this site, but we would like to highlight any topic that appears to fall into this category.

We ask you to do the same.

The collaborative effort of all readers and interested individuals is welcome. If you are incensed or amazed at the sheer ludicrous thought processes and logic that appear to be rampant and accepted by large swathes of our social media influenced society, or you feel aggrieved by the dishonest disinformation of the MSM then feel free to air your frustrations and fact based (that means with some links or references) logical arguments on our site.  Maybe some of the insane thought processes can be changed. That’s our goal and hope.

Please be respectful with posts - we aim to have freedom of thought and expression without censorship but please maintain decorum. We have made it very easy to post, just register an account and start writing immediately on the front page.

If you think that any posts on our site might benefit some closed minded individuals hiding on a social media site then please share them on your social media channels. We would like to try and open peoples eyes to some of the insanity that is turning our world, literally, into a “madhouse”.

Need to contact us: support@endthisinsanity.com